Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Week Nine: Total and Complete Writer's Block

I didn't have much to say, and I don't have much to type... This week is going to be very basic.

Have I mentioned that I HATE diets? Hatred worthy of intentional capitals, even. Wow, do I hate HATE diet. However, since it is almost the end of Month Two, I am definitely feeling the pressure to perfect my diet. I feel like weight loss and I are at "that point" in our relationship now.

Which brings me to the Gabriel Method. It is my mission tonight (and for the rest of the week) to reread The Gabriel Method and take notes. Then I will be equipped with a perfect, wonderful "diet" that solves all my problems. :P

And, as I mentioned, there will be a big focus on keeping a Food Journal next week. Diet will not prevail over me yet!

And now, everything else... (I did promise simplicity)


UPDATE: I interviewed for my current dream job today...

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Week Eight: Being Back in Front of the Camera Apparently Does Wonders for my Waist

OMG lookit!!!

I am in the 20's on two of my measurements! And Bust isn't all that far behind. Horray!!!
I've been trying to think of possible reasons why I may have had such a huge spurt this week and come up with the following:
  • I've been listening to Jon Gabriel's meditations as I fall asleep
  • I've re-introduced crunches into my work out
  • Posture correction whenever I catch myself slumping
  • I've had a healthier diet
  • Sweating out salt and water (water retention) from the sauna
  • Some cool thing bodies do after a three week plateau
Whatever the reason, I am very excited.

I am also excited (or at very least, enjoying) my new exercise regiment:

There are a couple of hick-ups there, but nothing too worrying. I am really optimistic about doing this regime for a while.

Finally we come to the raunchy segment of our week - near-naked-ness!

And with that I bid you all a very happy, very satisfied and very fulfilled adieu.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Weeks Six and Seven: COMBINED! :o

I don't know where the time has gone, but apparently it has gone somewhere other than my past fortnight. Therefore, this is a proper blog - no videos today. (Mainly because I hate editing but also because of the no-time-thing too.)

As a result I am two weeks behind in my posts. (And sadly, behind in my weight loss too.)

I am disappointed with myself and here is the reason why:

Week 6:

 Week 7:

I am trying to be positive. After all, 13 sessions in the gym is better than no exercise at all (as was my custom). It does, in fact, equate to almost one gym session per day, more than many people, but I am disappointed because I feel like I am slacking.

I was genuinely sick, and I have been busy with rehearsals and the show is on this week (just finished the first night!) so I do have reasons why I haven't been as diligent. But to be honest I could have made time if I had really tried.

But there is no excuse what-so-ever for my diet. It is despicable. I didn't even bother writing it down and I have been forgetting about my green tea and Liproxenol. But I have begun reading the Gabriel Method and I am very impressed and intrigued.

Long story short, I am going to follow the Gabriel Method because clearly dieting is definitely not my forte. But, luckily, meditation is. Stay tuned!

Finally, these past weeks results. Week Six and Seven combined results are as follows:

Dun-Dun-Dun... No loss whatsoever. In an entire fortnight. It goes to show exactly how much my body is thriving on the exercise. Well, don't worry, physical me, there's always next week. :)

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Week Five: Adding Muscles to the Mixture

Straight into it this week! Lets goooooo...

Are you wondering what a perfect week looks like? Wonder no more, I'll show you. :)

And, for all my hard work this week, I was rewarded with my awesome measurements...

I'm so happy this week. I have nothing negative to... oh... you want to talk about diet? Umm... Well... Okay then. Click for Food Journal

Yes. Diet is the actual bane of my weight loss experience. I can gladly work out, get used to the taste of Green Tea, spend a fortune on toilet paper, pour bottles of pills down my throat. But when it comes to controlling the amount of calories I put into my body I can not do it! As soon as I think "diet" my stomach starts growling and my brain obsesses over food. I can't help it! I HATE it!!!

So this week I just didn't bother. I wrote down what I ate, but other than that I ate what I wanted, when I wanted, and I didn't measure a single thing. And you know what? I don't care because...

I look freaking AWESOME this week! Lookit that almost non-existant back flab!!! I am one :) girl this week...

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Week Four: The End of the World...

The Rapture was scheduled for Saturday 21st May. It is now Sunday 22nd May, so it looks like we survived. Naturally, survival is cause for celebration, but is Rapture something that one ideally wants to survive? Surely it would've been better to get whisked off to heaven instead of surviving on Earth to endure months of fire and torture. I don't know...

What I do know is that my body is definitely changing. I can see the difference in the mirror now (especially when I suck in!) and I can feel the difference with my clothes. What do you reckon? (Excuse the ripped and holey sports top... it's on its way out but I can't afford to buy any new ones at the moment. Hehe)

It's very cool to be able to see such a nice little difference. Obviously I still have a loooong way to go, but it's encouraging to see early(-ish) results. I was expecting my measurements to be smaller this week, in fact I was kind of disappointed with my results, but there hasn't been a single millimeter of increase so far, so I'm still smiling!

I've also ordered a bottle of Liproxenol, which is a weight loss pill. I'm excited to try it, since I have done a lot of research on diet pills and they seem to be pretty effective and realistic. One warning flag I have learned to spot is the "miracle" promise cure. I don't believe it, and neither should you. Liproxenol seems to be safe, with many positive reviews and results. It also comes with a money back guarantee, which is reassuring. I'm definitely excited to give it a go, plus it will be my first product review! Horray!

But I'm going to stop typing and start talking! Lets see how Week 4 went...

Yes, yes. It was a practically perfect exercise week, wasn't it? Thank you for noticing. Please address all congratulatory flowers and gifts to my home address. Actually. Don't. My mailbox is very small and every time I get a package that won't fit (ooer!) I have to walk an hour to the pick-up office. (If you were wondering, my owl is too small to carry large parcels so please don't use her to post gifts either. She'll end up dropping it.) But... I digress. Lets talk less about mail delivery services and more about how many CM'S I HAVE LOST SO FAR!!!

Ooooooh, yeah, Baby! Looking not too shabby (although, admittedly, not that tidy either) I would have liked to see a little more loss 4 weeks into the program, but I think with a few extra tweaks here and there, I'll be on the right track.

Diet will be the first thing tweaked, I think. It was extremely hard this week to stick to the 1,200 Calorie target. I need to have a good look at a realistic Caloric intake because I do NOT want to starve my body, I don't want to become fatigued and I definitely don't want my workouts to suffer. I feel some nutritional research is in order... *Sarcastic Yaaaaay!*

I will leave you with my (fail) Food Journal for Week 4. CLICK ME

In the mean time... May you live long and prosper. x

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Week Three: A Farewell to Freedom

Yes. I have sold my freedom to the "Fat Fairies". But in return my weight loss journey should be much quicker and easier. I have begun a diet, despite my insistence that I didn't want to, and so therefore, wouldn't. It was with a heavy heart that I bade farewell to the endless supply of crisps, cake and other assorted yummies, and began my first Food Journal.

Food Journal's are a valuable tool in weight loss. We can track exactly what we are putting into our bodies, count calories and it could (hopefully) help us to avoid "bad" foods. We are less likely to gorge if we know we will be held accountable for the calories in a Food Journal!

Below is my Food Journal for Week 3 (Starting Thursday). My diet is based on 1,200 calories, but I am lenient with myself if I am feeling truly hungry (as opposed to the dastardly "peckish" and the "bored eating"). So without further ado, may I present my first Food Journal.


To make this successful I am going to have to learn about proper meal balancing; fibers, grains, and all that. Having never cared about what I eat, I am totally naive when it comes to food and nutrition. And just to make it even harder, I am vegetarian. I've never been one to do things in halves... :p

Enough about diets. It's making my brain hurt. Lets take a look at how the rest of the week went...

(I lost the Days of the Week somewhere in the process...)

Only 20 minutes down on the workout chart this week... not too shabby, eh? It's the best week I've had so far. Or so I thought until it was time for the Weigh In...

I must admit I was a little shocked that I didn't lose more than I did this week, especially from the bust. I am pleased, of course, that I haven't gained anything since I have begun. Likewise, I am pleased about finally having some loss from the hips! I'm not deterred in the slightest, just a little disappointed...

Anyway, I must be off. I am still sat here in just my underwear, (see below) and I am freezing. Summer has left us and it seems it has taken my sensibility with it. I can not afford to get ill and take precious days off from my routine. Not when I have a pretty little dress to fit!

See you next week!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Week Two: My Hips Don't Lie

This is how Week Two went down:

Putting the "Girls Next Door" episodes on my ipod to watch while I work out was genius. They are all so beautiful with gorgeous bodies. They (Bridget and Holly) are also very glamorous, creative and fun, and they make the perfect role models for me. I love 'em! They definitely make my time in the gym more enjoyable.

I am a little vexed over the two hours I missed at the beginning of the week. But I know that it wasn't my fault - it was the result of injury, not laziness - so I know I shouldn't be too bothered about it. What I am bothered about, however, is the complete lack of co-operation from my HIPS.

If my hips don't lie, maybe the tape measure is lying... can you see any difference...?

No? Me neither... I do think the curve of my waist is looking more defined though. Perhaps it's just wishful thinking, because I've only had a 2 cm loss from my waist. But, I think that my boobs are a little more symmetrical this week than they were two weeks ago. And my sports top seems to fit a bit better too. :)